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Prista passion is to help people create stunning decorative walls for their home or business, allowing them to express their personality or brand through their choice of pattern, color, and finish. So we have introduced the Flexible 3D Wall Tiles and UV Marble Sheets for your building interior / exterior walls and floors with a higher level of designs, appearance, color, and pattern, etc.

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Flexible 3D Wall Tiles:
Prista Flexible 3D Wall Tiles bring your walls to life with modern, innovative eco-friendly 3D wall panels at a very low cost with great designs. Our 3D Wall Tiles focus more on the feature wall field with 3D pattern, eco-friendly, acoustic, light-weight, paintable, removable, and DIY features. After installation, the 3D wall tiles from prista form a repeating pattern and after assembling the decorative wall panels you can paint or spray them in any desired color. 3D Wall Panels are made for beautiful and extravagant-looking accent walls. No doubt about that!
UV Marble sheets:
Prista UV Marble sheets are ideal wall covering products that can be used indoors. These Marble Sheets are great solutions for ugly and stubborn problematic walls, ceilings or surfaces, or any surface that needs to be covered. This polymarble sheet can be used as interior walls and floors for living room, bedroom, kitchen, TV backdrop, walls, and ceiling in home decoration; company logo wall, meeting room, lobby backdrop, office reception hall, restaurant, cafes, cinema, and nightclubs. Other than creating a stunning visual effect for the wall. The polygranite sheet provides excellent insulation and is hygienic for many years. Compared with putty, POP, and paint, these marble sheets greatly reduce the cost.
Prista, We are providing the best premium and luxury interior 3D wall design services with our “Prista” 3d wall panel in Coimbatore. If you are looking to bring new texture and visual depth to your home, 3D wall design panels can provide you with a fascinating design element for the ages.
Our Prista is committed to offering a full line of 3D wall panels in tamilnadu. Prista 3D wall panel in tamilnadu is widely imported to decorate the interior and exterior of the house and other places. We provide the best quality products which give high durability and satisfaction to its user.Tags: 3d wall design, 3d wall panel in coimbatore, 3D Wall Tiles, 3D Wall Design for interior and exterior, 3D Wall Design Panels in Tamilnadu, Prista 3D Wall Design Installation in Tamilnadu, 3D Wall Design for Living Room and Bedroom, 3d Wall Panel in Coimbatore, 3d Wall Panel Manufacturers and Suppliers in Coimbatore, Prista 3d Wall Panels in Coimbatore, 3D Wall Panel, 3D Wall Tiles in Tamilnadu, Prista 3D Wall Tiles for interior exterior Wall Decoration, Prista Flexible 3D Wall Tiles, Benefits of Using 3D Wall TilesPrista is a standout brand for interior and exterior, engaged in offering high-quality Laminate Marble Sheet.Laminate Marble Sheet Is a surfacing material that has become a ubiquitous part of interior design by lending an elegant touch to an array of elements like kitchen cabinets, furniture, wardrobes, and a lot more than you can imagine.
Tags: uv marble sheet, laminate marble sheets, Prista uv marble sheet for Wall decoration, UV marble sheet for Living room and Bedroom, UV Marble Sheets for Interior and Exterior, Laminate marble sheets in Tamilnadu, Laminate marble sheets Decoration Services, Prista laminate marble sheets for interior and exterior decoration, Benefits of Using laminate marble sheets, Benefits of Using UV Marble Sheets3D Wall Panel is an exciting range of decorative textured wall panels with patterns etched into their surface. A characteristic wall in 3D wall panel creates a huge impact, giving an architectural feel to the room at a relatively low cost. 3D wall panel is an ideal wall covering products that can be used in interior and exterior decoration.
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Laminate sheets for wall generally cost less than solid hardwood and ceramic tile and are more durable than most siding materials.Laminate sheets for wall are a popular siding material for residential and commercial spaces.Laminate sheet for wall do not get damaged easily, making them very durable and their lifespan longer. The transformation of the interior of your home can be easily accomplished with the use of compact laminate sheet for wall